14 October 2009

This small memorial sits at the site of the accident. At the corner of Jones Bridge Road and State Bridge Road, next to the telephone pole at the driveway coming out of the old Steinmart shopping center. There are skid marks from the jeep, a large section that looks like burnt ground, an outline of where the bike fell, and the outline of the flipped jeep.

Alysia bought black plastic roses and real white ones. We spraypainted his name on a big white container and placed it on a cinderblock we found. It's a nice looking little memorial we think, and you can read his name from about a hundred yards away. The picture above is dark and you can't really get a sense of it's placement, but it was taken in the moment, just after Frank poured out a beer into the carefully manicured grass of the Valvoline for our dead homie.

If you get a chance or are in the neighborhood, leave some flowers or a memento.

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iwi said...

might have to go pour out my own beer on the spot. how very "nate" that is. i miss him more than i knew was possible.