25 October 2009

Swim Team and Birthday Party

When he lived with his parents, he had this picture hung on his wall. Apparently he spent at least one summer on the swim team at Windward, which was the enormous mega-development he lived in. This would be the summer before freshman year in high school.

He showed me this picture and pointed to how his stomach is all pushed out. He said that he and the guy standing next to him were both planning on pushing their stomachs out real big for the picture, but at the last second the other guy sucked in and stood up all straight.

If I remember correctly, Nate actually had this image framed, rather than burying it forever in a box.

Yesterday I spent the morning helping move Nate out of his last house. Boxing things up, hauling his enormous TV and furniture out. Today my fiance and I are beginning to pack up our own things to move into our first for-real house. I can't help but recognize the bizarre parallels. I imagine my friends and family sorting through my things, deciding which goes to goodwill, what stuff people actually want, what goes into storage for future decisions. It's all so strange.

In closing, I'd like to post this picture of one of our 3-way birthday parties - Nate was march 3, bradley march 15, me march 29. This was at Bradley's house, and I really like how we look like we are in some 1990's teen drama, like DeGrassi or something. Down to Katherine's rollerblades.

(from left to right: John Kang, Nate, Lee, Emily, Andre, Christina, Bradley, Adrienne, Robert, Katherine on ground)

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