17 October 2009

Nate Tattoo

I've talked with several people about getting a Nate tattoo. This one deals with how Nate and I were supposed to get together and jam on a regular basis once again. We were both so excited about that. Maybe start a new band.

so something like this possibly. maybe simplify to just the bass and bass drum? i also don't know where i want it yet. maybe my chest? I want it somewhere I can look at it without having to take off too many clothes or looking in a mirror, and where it won't look stupid when i get old and fat.


alysia said...

I have a lion with a mane of flames for Caleb. He was a Leo and and a that is a fire sign. He also had tons of tattoos with flames involved. I was trying to think of how to get a Pisces and his bass to fit together...but where to put it?

MidnightMailman said...

how about at tough fish playing bass?