22 October 2009

Don't tell the NRA

This one is courtesy of Nate's roommate Sarah.

I suck at telling stories, so I cheated and found a text conversation Nate & I had while he was in Sturgis. He had left Alicia and I a can of powerful mace in case anything happened while he was gone. I read this short convo and it pretty much reminds me of the Nate we knew at home. Most of our jokes and stories were one liners, or one word, or a song, which has been why it's been so hard to come up with "stories." Nate was sharp, witty, and to the point.

Nate: Miss me yet?
Sarah: No, but Alicia almost used the mace the other night.
Nate: Can't wait to hear this one. What happened?
Sarah: I was in bed and she was scared by the kitchen light burning out and crept up the stairs to get the mace and sat in the living room with it in her lap while gaming.
Nate: Just bc a light burnt out?
Sarah: Lol yes.
Nate: Good thing she doesn't like guns.

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She Loves You and So Do I said...

Cute story! I would've gotten creeped out too!