17 October 2009

At Work

Thanks to iwi chu for this one. Great one!

"the last time i saw nate was last year. we went out to dinner, rode around in his mustang, and played flow on his ps3. we started talking about his latest job at the pink pony. i admitted that i was curious about what it was like to work with a small army of naked women. nate looked thoughtful for a second, then said 'you know... it's hard to objectify a woman once you've had an intelligent conversation with her.' it says a lot about his character that he could work in what is basically the sex industry and still see the dancers as something more than eye candy. he had respect for all kinds of people, and i always loved that despite his tough exterior, he was so open, accepting, and intelligent on the inside. nate was, quite simply, a good dude."

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She Loves You and So Do I said...

Awesome story!
Nate and I had a discussion about his job at Pink Pony last year after I ran into him there with my friends. He was so polite and gentlemanly about all the girls there and it was really sweet to see that his attitude towards people hadn't changed at all