19 October 2009

from Mary Laneve

Alysia said that you guys were doing a blog page for nate, and she saw the message i had left on his page and asked me to share the story i had put up on there with you for the page.
I've known nate since i was about sixteen...i was in the hospital at the time of his accident... i had a major fall the friday before and had spent several days in the ICU for bleeding on my brain and a broken knee and tibia which ultimately ended up needing surgery including a metal plate and five screws. one of our friends called asking what had happed to matt from no holds barred, and i had no clue what he was talking about since i was still loopy from the head trauma. I called about every one i knew, including Nate, to find out what was going on...i finally got ahold of our friend Amos who then told me, it wasn't Matt....it was Nate. It didn't feel real, and in a way even though i've been to the funeral it still doesn't. Nate was such a good person, when ever anyone made fun of me he took up for me....but then he'd tease me to my face haha. he was funny. My favorite memory of nate (and this is what alysia wanted me to share) was when i was pregnant with my son. I was so sick i could barely work...and when i did work i wouldnt make any money. by the time the morning sickness subsided i was so behind on my bills that i couldnt afford to buy food and was about to get evicted...and i caught my sons dad cheating on me so i refused to talk to him...Nate bought me lunch one day, and i remember thinking it was the best burger i had ever eaten because i hadn't eaten in a few days. He did it because he knew i couldn't afford food at the time. I have tons of memories of nate over the years....going out and drinking at lennys and 80s night....beer olympics and promote chaos....but no memory sticks out the way that one does from when i was pregnant, to this day that is still the best burger i have ever eaten.

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