14 October 2009

Nate Stories

On the plane back to Denver, all I could do was think about Nate. It feels very odd to me because we hadn't spoken in quite a long time. Not a horrible falling out. I just thought I would catch up with Nate later. Ya know....10 year reunion or something like that. There would be time. It's been kinda hard realizing that there won't be that time. I also started remembering lots of stories I heard over the weekend. Some stories very familiar, some that provoked an "Oh yeah! Now I remember that!" reaction and some that I had never heard before. All of them I adored. They made me laugh or made me remember what a great guy Nate was. Usually both.

When I got home, I didn't want these memories to fade like some of them had before and I was still (still am I guess) grieving the loss of Nate. So I began to write them down. No real idea or purpose behind it. Just wanted to collect them all. It felt good but I had a finite supply. That wasn't good enough. So what I've begun doing is talking to people who I didn't talk to over the weekend or talking to people who couldn't be there for whatever reason.

When I told Robert about this his first e-mail back was to let me know he had set up this blog. I think it's a fantastic idea. So if you have a Nate story you wanna see up here....just let us know....we'll get it up here.

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