19 October 2009

A boy's delight - from Alysia

So many things differ between what makes a female happy as opposed to what brings a smile to a guy’s face. That is a given and an understatement and I won’t even attempt to get into it here. The only major difference between girls and guys I want to touch on in this story is the sheer joy a guy gets out of creating bad smells. A couple years ago when Nate had his Acura, he had to drop it off to get serviced. Since I was living with him at the time it was only natural that he ask me to give him a ride to go pick it up. At like 9 in the morning. On a Saturday. I was hung over. Being a good sister however, I dragged my nauseated body and aching head out of bed to get him to his car. We were in my Durango on Northpoint Dr when it happened. Nate farted. The smell was so unbelievable I gagged. I had my head out the window to try to escape the fumes, but to no avail… I actually threw up…while driving! Nate thought this was HILARIOUS! I remember trying to dig around for a plastic bag I could spit into while maintaining safety on the roads and Nate was sitting there CRYING from laughter! I heard Nate telling this story to his friends with great pride. He told me it was one of his goals in life to be able to do that. It was the simple things that made him happy. Glad I was able to help him cross that off his list…I think.


fireball said...

when i read this, i laughed so hard. i can totally picture nate doing that. he used to mess with me when i had morning sickness...whenever we'd talk he'd make it a point to mention certain foods that i couldn't even so much as look at without getting sick. only nate...haha...i'm actually still laughing at that story.

She Loves You and So Do I said...

This story made me laugh so hard! Love it!
It reminded me of one time last year when I was at Nate's house and I had just told him that I had lost my sense of smell and he started laughing like crazy and said, "You mean, I can fart and you can't smell it?!" and I said, "Yeah, I wouldn't be able to smell it at all" and he said, "Good because I just did and it's BAD".