19 October 2009

Logan's Story

This one is from my friend Logan.

"Nate used to give me a kind of hard time in middle school. Not like he stuck my head down a toilet or anything, but a shove here and there while joking around. Things kinda settled after he showed me how to cut a deck of cards with one hand. I remember him really being into card tricks in 8th grade. Later on in high school we didn't really hang out. Not really friends, but not foes either. Years later I saw Nate at a bar playing pool with his friends (same thing I was there to do). Nate offered me a handshake and said something to the effect of "Hey! We used to go to school together and I used to give you kind of a hard time. Sorry that happened. How have you been?" This is massively paraphrased, but I think of it now as really awesome. Years later able to own up to a fault and just shoot the shit with me for a few minutes. He wasn't my friend but as far as I know he was a stand-up guy and I do know he was way too young."

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