06 January 2010

Elephant in the room....no seriously

This is a memory that just surfaced yesterday and I decided to post it.

I think this was going on when we were roughly seniors in high school. Nate had to have some surgery and had his jaw wired shut for a while. While he was in the hospital he threw two blood clots and had to stay longer than expected. He was also on some pretty serious pain killers.

The hospital he was in wasn't far from my family's house and I went to visit him (I think Robert was with me, but I can't recall exactly....someone else was visiting with me). Anyway, Nate was kind of out of it (understandably so) and we were kinda talking and visiting and then he very groggily said "Whoa. I just saw an elephant walk into this room."

I think he was lucid enough to realize that wasn't real, but I remember it being entertaining to us. We decided we should leave and let him get some rest at that point.


MidnightMailman said...

Yeah, I think that was me w you then. I visited him everyday for his almost two week hospital stay. He was funny on morphine.

Alysia Brogdon said...

He was funny off morphine too. I remember him telling me about that. He said it seemed totally real. A full size, gray elephant. One of my biggest regrets ever is that I only visited him once while he was in the hospital. It just didn't seem real that he could be so sick. damn I was thoughtless back then.