16 December 2009

The Vonny Bratchnies music

I have posted the two Vonny Bratchny studio albums we recorded, The Halloween Tape and The Valentines Tape. We did these back around 1997-98 in this guy Rob's basement. Nate of course plays bass in all the songs, as well as sings the backups on several, "Twist With the Dead" most notably.


I also have some video footage of a show we played Halloween 2000 at the 513 club. I'll be posting it soon.


iwi said...

my boyfriend just walked in on me listening to these songs and said "hey that's really good, who is it?" which, of course, prompted another round of intense boo-hooing from me. i'm glad you posted them, and i'm looking forward to the video.

Jeremy Melton said...

me and nate knew each other but i dont think he liked me, i think about him everyday, and my wife was real close to him...i miss his smile jokes and most of all his talent...i saw the vonny bratchnies play at the alpharetta gym across from the baptist church when i was 14 and it changed my life...it made me want to play the music i love so much, and i can thank nate for that! so thanks big guy your way of life is what drives me to this day.
love jeremy